Occupational Health & Safety

Implementation of workplace safety management policy

Internal Organization and Environmental, Health, and Safety Principles

Advantech strictly adheres to occupational safety and health regulations and other relevant laws. In addition to meeting legal requirements, we aim to foster a growth-oriented environment for all employees. To achieve this, we have established an occupational safety and health management system, comply with occupational safety and health regulations, and embrace a spirit of continuous improvement, pollution prevention, and disaster prevention. We conduct OHS education and training to increase awareness and reduce the risk of accidents. Following the guiding principles of our OHS policy, we strive to create a "Zero-Accident Workplace" environment

Verification of Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001:2018)

Advantech is committed to global occupational health and safety issues. At our headquarters and Advantech China and Advantech USA, we follow the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System to implement occupational health and safety practices. We have obtained ISO 45001 certification. To safeguard the wellbeing of our employees, we have stablished an Occupational Health and Safety Policy. We require strict compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Management System in all regions to ensure our employees are not exposed to hazardous working environments. We also emphasize the importance of self-protection among employees. In the event of immediate danger in the workplace, employees are encouraged to retreat to a safe place and report to their immediate supervisors.

Occupational health and safety personnel in each region plan, promote, monitor, and audit the Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Advantech China organizes monthly safety meetings with factory managers, supervisors, and environmental and safety management personnel from various departments. At the headquarters, high-level executives, factory managers, occupational health and safety personnel, and labor representatives form the Occupational Health and Safety Committee, which meets quarterly to review, oordinate, and provide recommendations on safety management matters.

(ISO 45001:2018)

Occupational Health and Safety Education and Training

The concept of sustainable business operation and compliance with occupational safety and health laws and regulations are implemented to ensure the validity of the certificates of the executive personnel of the occupational safety and health management system. Regarding internal occupational safety and health education and training for new recruits and incumbents, each factory plans to conduct annual safety education training courses. The content of the courses includes organic solvent operations, operation of mechanical equipment, 6S, fire drills, explosion-proof and other related courses.

Safety and Health Performance Indicators

To effectively drive the implementation of safety and health initiatives, we have established safety and health performance indicators to track the progress and performance of our programs. The headquarters reports the progress of safety and health implementation and performance management to senior executives, factory managers, occupational safety and health personnel, and labor epresentatives through the Occupational Safety and Health Committee, facilitating cross-functional communication.

Through annual internal audits, procedural documents control, and regular monitoring, we continuously review and strengthen our environmental, health, and safety system, promoting a culture of employee safety and prioritizing the value of life. We are committed to achieving sustainable OHS management and expect our suppliers and contractors to fulfill their rights and obligations egarding environmental, health, and safety. They are required to comply with ccupational safety and health laws, environmental protection laws, and relevant regulations and are asked to sign the Supplier Code of Conduct. Regular supplier evaluations are conducted to ensure compliance with OHS standards, safeguarding all individuals’ safety within the work environment.

Safety and Health Performance Indicators

Occupational Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Regarding the safety and health of employees in their work environment, we conduct hazard identification and risk assessment. A designated team performs safety and health hazard identification and risk assessment, analyzing environmental and occupational health impacts based on identification parameters. After calculating the risk factors and categorizing the risk assessment values, we set monitoring, control, and improvement targets. When conducting risk dentification and assessment, we follow the "Environmental aspects, health and safety risk identification SOP" to analyze environmental and occupational health impacts. In 2022, we carried out 630 environmental considerations and occupational health and safety risk items related to acquiring new equipment, process changes, regulatory updates, and perational activities associated with our products, services, and workplace. The risk assessment values for these items were all 0, indicating a low level of risk. Advantech strives to optimize a friendly workplace by classifying risk assessment values to ensure that equipment functions and other environmental, safety, and health aspects meet company requirements and standards.

Employee Absentee Rate Statistics

The COVID-19 pandemic emerged at the end of 2019 and rapidly spread to numerous countries worldwide in 2020. The absentee rates for 2019-2022 encompassed workrelated injuries, sick leave, and days off taken at home due to infection. To comply with local government regulations on epidemic prevention and ensure their implementation, the global target absentee rate in 2022 was set at 0.9%, based on the average absentee rate over the previous three years. Through statistical analysis, it was observed that certain regions had higher absentee rates due to employees taking leave for COVID-19 infection and recovery. Nevertheless, Advantech's overall global absentee rate for 2022 stood at 0.79%. As the pandemic improves in 2023, the absentee rate for the year is anticipated to decrease ccordingly. We will also monitor employees’ absence status from work-related injuries or illnesses.

Employee Absentee Rate Statistics
*Note: Absentee rate calculation method: (Total number of days absent < Work-related injury leave + Sick leave + Menstrual leave + Epidemic prevention leave > / Total person-days of work) x 100%

Intrinsic Safety

Each plant continuously injects resources into planning and creating a healthy workplace and cultivates a safety culture that puts people first to construct a work environment based on intrinsic safety. This promotes employees' physical and mental well-being, achieves work-life balance, and reduces safety hazards during operations, preventing accidents. This is accomplished through implementing control measures in mechanical equipment, emergency response and drills, workplace environmental monitoring, chemical control, hazard identification, and risk assessment, embodying the optimization of safety.

Intrinsic Safety