Application Advocacy and Education of IoT

Application Advocacy and Education of IoT

Bridging the Gap: Advantech's Leadership in IoT Drives Industry-Academia Collaboration.

Through the implementation of an industry-university cooperation mechanism, Advantech has developed "three main axes and five programs" to cultivate IoT talents and shorten the gap between industry and academia by leveraging industrial resources. This collaborative effort connects academia, Advantech's internal employees, and partners within the industrial ecosystem, enabling them to create applications and solutions jointly by operating the "Co-Creation" value chain by aligning strategic thinking with Advantech's core capabilities and resources to contribute to society and drive the growth of the IoT industry. Additionally, this approach facilitates integrating academic research into industrial development to create more job opportunities.

IoT education combined with the advantages of Advantech's core business

The WISE-IoTSuite platform is provided to flexibly carry leading technologies based on device intelligence, digital twins, industrial big data analysis, and artificial intelligenceto meet the needs of different fields and industries. We join hands with partners to create new value in the IoT industry and build an open and inclusive ecosystem.

Advantech's Co-Creation Business Model

Advantech is committed to driving the three-stage growth momentum of AIoT IoT development through the concept of co-creation. The company has progressed from the first stage of hardware innovation to actively promoting IoT platform operations in the second stage. By integrating various technologies such as IT, OT, Cloud, and AI, Advantech has built the "WISE-IoTSuite,” a comprehensive IoT cloud platform. Advantech is advancing toward the third stage of AIoT, focusing on solution development and ecosystem expansion. This involves connecting with diverse industry demands and providing integrated AIoT solutions. To achieve this, Advantech invites internal teams: "WISE-IoTSuite platform development and technology support team and product department" to join the industry-university cocreation (Co-Creation) to create high-quality application services. In this way, Advantech's ecosystem for the Industrial Internet of Things is constructed.

Three Stages of Advantech’s "AIoT Internet of Things Development Blueprint"

Three Stages of Advantech’s AIoT Internet of Things Development Blueprint