ESG Governance

ESG Governance Structure

Advantech has issued a Corporate Social Responsibility Report since 2013. The President reports issuing the yearly Report and a summary of CSR work priorities to the annual Board of Directors meeting. Meanwhile, the Board of Directors reviews the yearly Report, and the Chairman leads important CSR-related projects. In 2020, Advantech established the ESG Corporate Sustainability Committee and the ESG Office, managing projects related to corporate sustainability from the three aspects of governance, environmental, and social-related. Immediately afterward, Advantech promoted the ESG Corporate Sustainability Committee to the board-level SDC Corporate Sustainability Committee in July 2022.

ESG Organizational Structure of Advantech

Advantech‘s SDC Corporate Sustainability Development Committee consists of 3 members, including the chairman (founder), Hung-Tse Chen as independent director, and Ling-Han Chang as director. The ESG Office draws up an annual plan, quarterly reporting the progress of material ESG topics and projects to Committee meetings. Climate issues are included in the Board’s agenda at least once a year. The role of the Sustainability Special Committee is to manage climate change. After the Committee confirms a new project, the responsible team will take action, and the ESG Office will regularly track the results and propose an improvement plan.

In 2022, a total of four board meetings were held. The agenda includes ESG-related topics involving: the Company‘s risk management plan, the evolution of the human resources organization’s mechanism for talent cultivation and inheritance, the greenhouse gas inventory plan, the compilation of the sustainability report, the report topic for communication with stakeholders, and the progress and planning of RE100, etc. The dedicated ESG unit also occasionally reports to the chairman on the planning and improvement of related projects. The chairman personally gives direction and strategic advice. Also, the general manager is entrusted to participate in important meetings and decisions.